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iPayless Traffic School CA DMV License #E1950

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We report your results directly to the DMV and Court electronically, and it's FREE!
No Traffic School Timers, Around the Clock Services

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Best Price Guarantee
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Traffic School Money Back Guarantee, Pass Or We Pay Guarantee
Pass Or We Pay Guarantee
Our anytime traffic school to go course is so easy that if you don't pass we'll pay next time.
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SSL Encrypted Website
Our traffic school website and payment gateways are encrypted with the highest level of security precautions to ensure that your data is safe and kept private.
Traffic School CA DMV Licensed #E1950
DMV Licensed
We're licensed with the California DMV & Courts for ALL Counties in California. License #E1950.

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online traffic school
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Traffic School CA DMV License #E1950

California DMV Licensed Online Traffic School
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What is traffic school?

Traffic school is a program where you will receive instruction in driving and traffic safety that can enhance your driving knowledge and skill level. Your successful completion of a course from one of the DMV licensed traffic schools may allow your violation to be masked from public view on your driving record and will keep your citation confidential. This can prevent your insurance company from seeing your violation and raising your insurance rates.

The court may grant a request to attend traffic school for an eligible violation if you have not attended for a previous violation that was committed within 18 months (violation date to violation date) of your present violation. You are not eligible for Traffic School if you were driving a commercial vehicle or carrying hazardous material when you were cited.

NOTICE: If you are eligible and decide not to attend traffic school your automobile insurance may be adversely affected. For drivers with a noncommercial driver's license, one conviction in any 18-month period will be held confidential and not show on your driving record if you complete a traffic violator school program. For drivers with a commercial driver's license, while driving a personal vehicle, one conviction in any 18-month period will show on your driving record without a violation point if you complete a traffic violator school program.

An onsite traffic school provides a classroom setting for instruction. Attendance is required. Home Study traffic schools allow you to learn from teaching materials at home. Online traffic schools allow you to learn through internet based instruction.

For a list of California Statewide licensed DMV Traffic Violator Schools, including classroom, home study, and online schools, view the DMV Traffic Violators Schools List.

How do I request traffic school?

You can request traffic school online, by mail, by phone, in person at the Clerk's Office windows, or at your court arraignment hearing if you are eligible. It is your responsibility to determine if you are eligible to attend traffic school. You are required to pay the bail amount listed on your notice, and pay an additional non-refundable traffic school processing fee. To attend traffic school, you must meet all of the following requirements: You have not attended traffic school for a ticket issued within 18 months of the date of the ticket;You must have a valid driver's license; If speeding, your speed was not more than 25 mph over the speed limit; The offense is a moving (driving) violation that carries only one point; and You were not driving a commercial vehicle or carrying hazardous material.

NOTE: Upon completion of traffic school, the school will electronically send your completion certificate to the DMV. The court will then download the certificate from the DMV. It is highly recommended that you verify that the court received your certificate of completion. You may do so by looking up your ticket on this website at least a week after you completed the course. If you sign up for traffic school and the court does not receive the completion certificate by the due date, the case will be closed and a conviction will appear on your driving record. If you are not eligible to attend traffic school but do anyway, the conviction will be reported on your driving record and there will be no refund of any fees paid. You are not eligible if the violation carries more than one point. Common violations that count for more than one point include:

Driving with a suspended license
Failing to stop at an accident scene
Speeding in excess of 100 miles per hour
Reckless driving
Engaging in speed contests

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